Get your unique holistic dry dogfood at the lowest price with a gross margin of up to 4€/kg!

Let’s make it easy. Start immediately with your new Private Label. We can offer four varieties. All with a very high share of fresh meat, of course single protein and grain-free guaranteed. And this only from € 1.96 / kg.

Your customers get a unique quality and you get attractive margins.

You prefer your own brand? No problem for us. We love to help you to develop your own style and provide the exceptional quality possible even in small quantities. We are happy to discuss with you personally the best individual solution for your business.

Register for further details on conditions or operating procedures. We are waiting for you! So contact us now!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality dry dogfood for our furry friends. At Wunschfutter we focus on highest product quality and unique retail solutions for best market awareness and profitability.

For you as a retailer working capital needs to be low and margins have to be high! That’s why we are incredibly proud that we have managed to offer an unique quality of dry dogfood at a fair price and best margins for retail.

The Fridolins concept allows you to

Establish a new private label

Build your own brand

Realize highest margins

Fridolins Quality contains:

Up to 70% Meat with high fresh meat content

Single protein

Grain free

The perfect product for high quality customers and dogs with allergies.

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Your Fridolins Team

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